About Us

BeMeFit is a new age fitness platform, designed to be the ultimate one-stop fitness destination: All BeMeFit outlets come with a Gym, Spa, MeStudio and an Organic Cafe. The name itself signifies what we stand for: to be ‘Me Fit’ or be Self Fit.

We believe fitness is as much a science where each individual’s needs and personal goals differ and hence, cater to individuals with a focus directed approach. BeMeFit ensured effective fitness solutions by providing top-notch training and world class facilities.

About Us

BeMeFit was established with an aim of bringing fitness as a wholesome journey back into the lives of people. On this journey, you’ll be accompanied with not just a fit body, but also a fit mind and soul.

For the fitness journey to fit seamlessly in your life, we have ensured that everything you need can be accessed under one roof.

Profile of Venture

Bemefit is a Kolkata based fitness and wellness startup aiming to provide customers a unique personality based training experience. We are dedicated to design an environment which makes people happy after a workout. We seek to build a high happiness quotient in our gyms which caters to the needs of our customers.

We coined our name BeMeFit focusing on 3 different aspects.

Be : The Spa – Focus on rejuvenation and well-being.

Me : The Studio – Focus on Activities like group classes.

Fit : The Workout Zone/Gym – Focus on Endurance &Fitness.

Local gym with 300 paying customers


Our Entrepreneurial Journey started.


Our first miss

we opened a new workout hub in the city



Why Choose Us

Workout Routines

Our fitness programs are designed to give you a wholesome approach to developing your body towards healing and growth while catering for individual's needs & personal goals

Support & Motivation

A body's health comes from the fitness of one's mind and discipline while constantly making the effort to challenge and better yourself for the future you

Healthy Nutrition

A growing body needs essential health foods, organic nutrients provided to you at our spa & organic cafe to make you feel more alive & fresh