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BeMeFit, the fitness studio was established in April 2016, Alipore and is the latest and trendiest fitness hub in Kolkata. Kanika Satnaliwala – the brainchild behind the brand initially conceived the brand within the virtual platform but with time she realised that fitness solutions over the virtual platform was not enough.
BeMeFit has not only created a fitness revolution but has also become a trendsetter. BeMeFit provides fitness solutions to individuals who have the desire to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. The brand doesn’t believe in the concept of an ordinary gym which only works on the body. It takes into account all three aspects – Body, Mind & Soul. BeMeFit strives to provide an extensive methodology of the well-being of the members. Through its complete holistic regime, BeMeFit aims to transform the fitness prospects of the city.
BeMeFit is proud of owning the finest equipment and quality fitness knowledge to assist its members achieve their true fitness potential. Moreover, it follows a comprehensive fitness module with state-of- the-art infrastructure and continuous enhancement through training programs. With certified and experienced trainers and nutritional counseling, BeMeFit provides a complete health boost.

BeMeFit - The WorkOut Hub

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Hit the workout hub to be me fit.

Bemefit is a fitness and wellness startup aiming to provide customers a unique personality based training experience. We are dedicated to design an environment which makes people happy after a workout. We seek to build a high happiness quotient in our gyms which caters to the needs of our customers. We coined our name BeMeFit focusing on three different aspects.
Be: The Spa – Focus on rejuvenation and well-being.
Me: The Studio – Focus on Activities like group classes.
Fit: The Workout Zone/Gym – Focus on Endurance & Fitness.

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